Lemons, Lemons…


Citrus limon….I cannot imagine life without my tiny vial of Sicilian organic lemon essential oil. This is my defence against viral infection, lift my spirits when I’m feeling down and my little aide to boost up my immune system. I took a drop or two diluted in a glass of warm honey water once or twice a week. Does it work? Well, I seldom get serious flu or viral fever these days even when I’m surrounded by those infected with it.

So how does lemon works?

First of all, you need to understand that lemon essential oil possesses high vibrations, if you can hear them it’s going to be almost whistle-like. Being a Muslim, I see this as the ‘dhikr’ from a creation who submitted to the Will of its Benevolent Creator. And the healing qualities of this  ‘dhikruLlah” is a reflection of His name  ‘Ar-Rahman’ and ‘Ar-Rahim’.

Lemon is a yang/masculine type of oil, governed by the planet mercury. Its corresponding gemstone would be the sunshine-colored golden citrine. Oils with high vibration like this lifts the spirit especially when you are experiencing a mental fatigue. Lemon oil stimulates the mind, increases concentration and the ability to memorize. It is a good oil to be diffused near you whenever you’re working on something that needs you to be more alert and mentally productive. I’d usually place a drop of lemon oil on a piece of tissue and gently inhale the aroma before working on a project.

Pure lemon oil has antibacterial properties. When diffused, it can kill airborne germs. In a clinical studies, it was proven that the vapor of the oil helps kill meningococcus germs. Typhus germs may be killed in less than an hour, germs causing peneumonia in 3-4 hours, staphylococcus in 5 minutes. Some hospitals in the UK actually diffuse lemon oil in cancer-patients room as it neutralizes unpleasant odors and strengthen the psyche of usually depressed and fearful patients.

Lemon oil may also be applied directly to insect bites to reduce itching and swelling. If you have throat or mouth infections, gargling with 2 drops of lemon oil diluted in half glass of warm water may help provide a temporary relief. Placing a drop or two of lemon oil in your final rinse when doing the laundry will result in a cleaner and fresher smelling clothes.

Surprisingly, lemon oil actually produces an alkaline reaction when taken internally. When lemon oil is taken orally, it will help to strengthen the heart, help stimulate blood cell formation and very beneficial in treating high body acidity. Acid-imbalance, due to a diet rich of processed and refined food, may weaken the immune system and may also lead to a plethora of diseases especially gout. Lemon oil when taken internally will stimulate the production of potassium carbonate which will then neutralizes the acids.

But a word of caution, do not take this oil if you’re already taking a homeopathic therapy or on any kind of medication. Lemon oil may neutralizes or contradict the effect of some drugs. And don’t just consume any lemon oil, make sure it is certified organic and does not contain any additives or stabilizers. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the skin of lemons, therefore any impurities or pesticide residues retained in it will go into the oil. True lemon oil will have a very short shelf life of about 7-10 months and the oil is very sensitive to heat and light. Remember, for maximum  therapeutic effect,  only unadulterated pure essential oils must be used.

The French model of Aromatherapy includes ingesting pure essential oils. Some doctors in hospitals in France actually practice this. However, another word of caution, not all pure essential oils are safe to ingest, only those with an USFDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)…check the list here …http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/guidance.html

And…always consult a certified clinical aromatherapist before ingesting any essential oil. Remember, I specifically said clinical aromatherapist.


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