CAT LOVE: Remembering My Little Friend Tiger…

Our Little Tiger

The first line of the poem “The Tiger,” from Songs of Experience, by William Blake. The first stanza reads:

Tiger! Tiger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

‘Tiger’ was my our  first pet-friend when we moved into our first home together in Bangi. And what a character this little Tiger was. My husband found him, a wee kitten then, in front of a bank, begging for some love and affection practically from everyone walked up to the bank.

Our little Tiger unfortunately had hernia. Maybe that’s the reason he ended up on the street pavement. Although we’re on a very tight budget, being newly wedded and with a restaurant business to maintain, we sent him to the UPM Animal Hospital. Tiger became quite popular there as he practically ‘attended’ several lectures as a case study of  ‘a kitten-with hernia’. they kept him there for about a week trying to figure out how to ‘fix’ him until  a young vetenary student came up with a solution…keep the affected area bandaged until the hernia shrinks. Well, it worked!

Well, Tiger was our first ‘baby’, we took him along almost everywhere in a small mobile cage. People would stop and admire him, thinking this little tortoise-shell stray was an expensive cat with a royal pedigree. Tiger really enjoyed all the attention he’s getting and was quite spoilt by it.

When traveling in the car, he would occupy the front dashboard, watching the road regally and if it’s too hot, he would snuggled up next to me, how Tiger hates the sun! He would sleep between us at night, snuggling closely to my neck and would woke my husband up in the morning by sneezing near his ears or licking his hair. He would follow me anywhere as I go about doing my daily chores in the apartment, not letting me out of his sight, and he understood us very well (whenever he chose too, typical cat!).

When we moved back to KL, Tiger has grown up into a handsome tom and the neighborhood terror. But on the first day of ‘Eid the year after we’ve moved into the city, Tiger was hit by a motorbike causing his bottom-left tooth to jut out. He looked like a sabre-tooth tiger with a missing tooth. The vet who treated him told us that they can fix him through a minor cosmetic surgery. But, it turned out that the protruding tooth actually made him the scariest and meanest looking cat in the neighborhood (well,  judging on how some cats ran scampering away in terror as tiger flashed that mean-looking tooth) and that tooth actually helped him to be the ‘king’ of the neighborhood. So, surgery is a no, no…Tiger’s enjoying his new look.

We were actually very proud of our little Tiger…lol…

Anyway, we lost Tiger the year after I gave birth to our firstborn. 

Even until today, we still miss our dear little Tiger.

Rest in peace my little friend.


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We enter this world alone, we take our last bow from this plane of existence alone...we stood before Him alone....
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