My Secret Garden…

I’m wishing of a morning waking up somewhere in a place  surrounded by fruit trees and the fresh scent of the morning mist warmed slowly by the rising sun mingling with the heady fragrance of tea-roses, jasmines and mango blossoms. You can see tiny dragonflies chasing each other near the torch ginger blooms. In this almost heavenly surroundings, one could almost feel God’s presence nearby.

I knew that place once upon a time ago…

It was the place of my childhood, now gone… razed down in the name of development, replaced by ugly concrete blocks of uniformed ‘pigeon-holes’ called modern homes, devoid of beautiful trees and flowers.

In that heavenly garden was where a lost little girl grew up, find peace and solace from the chaotic world she was born into, it was the place that gives her all the strength she needs in her journey through life, the strength that brings on a bright light that illuminates every dark corners and alleys she encounters, the strength that pulls her through muddy paths, the strength that give her courage to stand up and face her fears and insecurities, the strength to be her own woman -one who listens to her own tune, one who sets up her own path to follow….

That place still lingers in the eyes of my heart. It’s my secret garden. It’s where I turned to whenever I’m searching for a place to rest my mind. And every child needs one too because the journey home that waits ahead is  long and filled with much trials and difficulties.

Sometimes, when I feel that I no longer have the strength to take another step in my journey, I’d take off my shoes and stand on bare earth feeling its healing vibration coursing through my system, my mind would think of home-where I can finally get some rest…

My heart would see my secret garden.


About helwa

We enter this world alone, we take our last bow from this plane of existence alone...we stood before Him alone....
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