I Am a Muslim


I am a Muslim, Islam is my way of life.

I believe in one God-The Creator, Who has no beginning nor ending. He is Eternal, and everything else is created. He Exists Without a Place, He is not a body or form. He is not limited to place or space. He does not occupy a place or a direction and He do not need any partners.

You may wonder why am I a Muslim? After the tragic 9/11, Islam has been negatively stereotyped in the West.  Yet, I am proud to be a Muslim because Islam is the real invitation to peace and the only path that leads to eternal happiness.

Even if you’re already a Muslim, please listen to this:


(Thank you AlSunnaOrg)

God (Allah) is great, He is exalted and clear from all imperfection and non befitting attributes. He has no beginning and no ending, and exists without a place. He subjugates the throne and the creations, and is clear from having a form or a body and clear from movement, Nothing resembles Allah in any way….

A true Muslim will treat others as how he would like to be treated, a true Muslim will respect women and people of other religions, a true Muslim is the custodian of God’s creation and will not harm Nature and the creatures within it, a true Muslim follows the path of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and seek guidance from his Sunnah (Way of Life) and the final book of Guidance the Quran…

Islam is the religion of the heart, Islam is the religion of Nature. Every infant is born a Muslim.

Islam is not against science, logic or education. In fact, the Islamic worldview is all about the unification of the spiritual and the material. To achieve knowledge, we need only the mind…but to attain wisdom, the heart, soul and the mind must be unified harmoniously.

Think about it….


About helwa

We enter this world alone, we take our last bow from this plane of existence alone...we stood before Him alone....
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