I Thanked God for Creating Lemons!

Well, back to lemons again.

Everybody in the family from my other half to the children, from the grandmother to the aunts and uncles are down with a truly nasty virus this week. But alhamduLillah, thank you Allah, I am still standing strong with just some very mild sniffles even though I’m in direct contact with everyone who has the flu.

I told my husband, next month he has to start taking 2 drops of lemon oil in a diluted glass of honey once a week to boost up his immune defence. The little ones will have to take a teaspoon of kelulut honey every morning after this.

And what’s a kelulut honey? It’s the honey produced from a small sting-less bee variety called the kelulut bee, the color is paler than your usual honey and the taste is quite tart. This honey has strong antiviral properties and is particularly good in helping to maintain the health of the upper respiratory system. I’ll write about it another time. Meanwhile, I’m busy nursing two sick toddlers and oh, a very sick hubby…


About helwa

We enter this world alone, we take our last bow from this plane of existence alone...we stood before Him alone....
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