Madly in Love With Ramly Burger

This pregnancy, I have a mad craving for the sinfully fatty, grease-laden, sodium-laden, highly processed street burger known locally as Ramly Burger. In Malaysia, you can easily find these burgers sold by street vendors. Almost every street will have its own resident burger vendor, each with their own secret recipe and specialty burger.

Normally, I disliked highly processed and refined food, preferring to prepare and cook my own meals. During my first two pregnancies, I kept to a healthy diet of wholesome food prepared from fresh produce and ingredients but this time…I’m craving, lusting, drooling over this absolutely unhealthy, artery-clogging but oh-so delicious and tasty burger! I know, I know…I know this is bad for baby and me….But, I have no appetite for anything else…other food suddenly tasted bland and unappetizing…however,  at the sight of a glorious ‘special-order’ Ramly Burger…ah, it’s just heaven…

Just look at this, the beef patty is nicely wrapped in buttery egg omelette :


And this one…gloriously dripping with blackpepper mushroom sauce:


Okay…I will try to control my cravings for this MSG-laden monstrosity…promise…!


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We enter this world alone, we take our last bow from this plane of existence alone...we stood before Him alone....
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