Tuanku Rao by Ir. Parlindungan

Pongkinangolngolan Sinambela gelar Tuanku Rao. Teror Agama Islam Mazhab Hambali Di Tanah Batak 1816 – 1833….

After reading this book, I agree wholeheartedly with Buya Hamka that 80% of this book is fiction with the rest 20% as doubtful ‘facts’.  Sexual orgies by the Pidari? Anyone who studied the history of Pidari War and the historical personalities involved in it would be doubtful of the ‘facts’ presented in this book.

My great, grandfather Jalaluddin was the last generation directly born of the Pidaris. We have a different story on how things were during the Pidari War. By the way, you should see how strict great- grandfather Jalaluddin  was when it comes to anything ‘duniawi’ or ‘hiburan dunia’. Not many people knows that many of Pidaris were also  followers of the early Naqshabandiah tariqah.

Remember the atrocities the Dutch colonists inflicted on the imprisoned women warriors of Acheh? How they were displayed to the public  in cages like zoo-animals, how they were mass raped and brutally murdered?  Can we forget this, erase this from our memoies? Then, how could we believe in something written based on  sources from the V.O.C colonists? How could we rely on ‘data’ compiled from a source whereupon the famous  “Belanda minta tanah” were coined upon?

And Resident Poortman, upon whose data this book was based upon, was the man responsible for confiscating the Sam Po Kong chronicles (important documents that could have proven that Chinese blood ran through the Javanese royal blood and Raden Fatah was actually Chinese?). Through their occupation in the East Indies, the Dutch colonials confiscated many important documents, letters, chronicles and anything that could be used against their regime were burnt or destroyed.

Yes, in Islamic history there will always be the Khawarijins…even today…we have a  group of these ultra-zealots running loose among us committing atrocities and terrors in the name of God. The Pidari’s history were tarnished by these people. Regardless of religions and faiths, anger is very destructive. Ir. Parlindungan writings hinted of a hidden anger…an old vendetta perhaps?

But here’s the truth, whether you want to believe this or not…the ‘terrors’  were not the Pidaris… and Tuanku Rao was betrayed by one of his own men who was a V.O.C spy. He was badly wounded in his last battle in Air Bangis but he did not die in his own homeland…

Yet,  the tigers still lives on…(Oh, you know what I’m talking about)…


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We enter this world alone, we take our last bow from this plane of existence alone...we stood before Him alone....
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