Francis Collins: The Scientist as Believer

Francis Collins is  one of the world’s most important scientist, leader of the Human Genome Project. Yet what’s make him more interesting is that he is a devout Christian, a man of religion who believes that God can be worshipped in the Cathedral and the Laboratory. 

Read this interesting interview featured  in the National Geographic Magazine (Voices: Issue Feb, 2007) as Francis Collins discusses the subject of science and religion with John Horgan (an agnostic and the director of the Center for Science Writings at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken) :

I am a Muslim, but I totally agree with him when he said:

“…We also have this thing called free will which we exercise all the time to break the law. We shouldn’t blame faith for the ways people distort it and misuse it.”

“…prayer is not a way to manipulate God into doing what we want Him to do.”

“…if God had to intevene miraculously every time one of us chose to do something evil, it would be a very strange, chaotic and unpredictable world.”

“…I don’t think we’ll ever figure out how to stop humans from doing bad things to each other…”

No matter if we are Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist…agnostics or atheists….whatever creed we are holding on to, we must always choose the Middle Path in conducting our mundane daily affairs and in our relationship with others – prevent evil and destructive behaviors and promote what is just and good… To quote Collins :

“…We as Children of God have been by God this knowledge of right and wrong…”

Well, go on now and read the interview here



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