I’m Not Against the Jews

i’m not against the jewish people….

there are good jews and there are bad muslims….

but I’m against the Zionist State of Israel….or any other political entity and regime similar to it…

ISRAEL: rogue state created by ethnic cleansing, specializes in state-terrorism and humanitarian crimes and sponsored by the United States of America.

How to counter this Israel-problem?

By using HIKMAH and your HEART. Not through anger and hatred because by doing so, you’ve just lowered yourself to their level.

 Lets  follow the example of the Masters in history who have dealt with this Israeli-problem….Moses alaihissalaam, Jesus alaihissalaam & our Rasulullah the Katamun Anbiya’ Muhammad sallallahu’alaihiwassalaam…don’t forget the QURAN too….iqra’! Allah has taught us and given us the guidance on how to deal with the Israeli-problem…read…don’t be lazy….you’ll find the answers there…anger, prejudice and hatred won’t get you anywhere…remember, the best jihad is when you managed to open the hearts of others including jews to revert back to Islam, to return to the right path home

when the heart is as clear and strong as a polished piece of  steel, when what is reflected back is nothing but ALLAH…then, victory will come…

less bloodshed the better. more bloodshed and the iblis will be laughing all the way to hell.

lets go home in peace.


About helwa

We enter this world alone, we take our last bow from this plane of existence alone...we stood before Him alone....
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