IQRA’ IN THE NAME OF YOUR RABB: Online Quran Explorer Application

Googling around for a user-friendly online Al-Quran apps today, I found the Quran Explorer by Ekabakti Touch at

What I like most about this application is that I can search the Quran in several modes:

1. Search by Chapters (Surah)

Select chapter (Surah) from the drop-down list provided and the application will response by showing up the selected surah and all verse with pagination.

2. Search by Verse

Looking for a particular verse.? Just type in the number of the verse and select the surah.

3. Search Al-Quran and Tafsir in Arabic

 I find this feature very, very useful. Here you can search the entire Al-Quran in Arabic. Listed Tafsir selection includes the entire Al-Quranul Karim, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Tafsir At-Tabari, Tafsir Qurtubi and Tafsir Jalalain. For the best part, an arabic-character keyboard layout map is provided too.

3. Search by Transation

This is a great feature! Let say you’re looking for a particular Quranic theme or topic, let say, HIKMAH….just type in the word “hikmah” in the box provided and the search result will display relevant verses with the word. The best part is, you can search in several languages because the Quranic translations available in the list are in Bahasa Melayu, Indonesian, German, Italian, Spanish, English (Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Marmaduke & Muhsin Khan).

I hope more languages can be included in the list especially Japanese, Russian and Chinese.

4. Listen to Audio Recitation

I like this feature very much because I can listen to a verse-by-verse recitation of a particular surah. The Quranic recitation is by Imam Ali Al-Huzaifi, imam of Al-Masjid An-Nabawi.

At the website, you can also search for Hadith from the Kutub As-Sittah (Sunan Sittah) using the Hadith Explorer, and also search for Arabic resources of Al-Quran text, tafsirs, hadith and dictionary using EkaSearch Arabic, a centralized search application.

Free membership for all.  Muslim Explorer 7, an Islamic software is also available and can be downloaded free for personal use

What more, the site provides useful Islamic applications like Solat Recorder that helps you to record your missed solat and Debt Reminder to help remind you of your debts to others.

Please visit Ekabakti Touch’s website for more information at



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