About Me

This soul came into this world alone and will return home alone and will stand alone before Him to hear the outcome of her actions and deeds in this temporal plane…

Life here in this world is like a fleeting bubble, we are all travelers (musafirs) and we are all heading home whether we like it or not….therefore make the most of what you have, find a balance in your life, never lose sight of  who you really are, spend more time with your loved ones, enjoy and contemplates on the beauty of God’s creation, submit yourself to His Will…happiness is not something you encounter or achieve but happiness is something you create within your own inner being.

This blog is my personal musings on people, issues and things I deeply care and passionate of. Like a bamboo, I shall bend and dance with the wind but I will never bow to anyone, but Him alone…

To my fellow travelers, have a safe journey, hope we’ll meet again under His Grace.

….syariat itu permulaan belajar,
tarikat itu musafir,
hakikat itu ilmunya,
makrifat itu keyakinan nya….



10 Responses to About Me

  1. dil says:


    I’m dil. U wrote on my blog in Tuanku Tambusai.

    Should u wish to contact me please email me.

    Looking forward to hearing my greatx4 grandfather’s sahabat next of kin…

  2. Assalamualaikum wbt

    Jemput ke website kami : http://shoutussunnah.com

    Terima Kasih

  3. hajirikhusyuk says:


    yes everybody wants to know who they are, who am I ?, what am I ?,

    for this is very important quest, because without knowing your true self you live in limitation and sufferering.

    so dear friend, know yourself, know yourself before leaving this illusion world.

    • helwa says:

      terima kasih tuan haji…

      berbahagialah mereka yang telah bebas…bebas dari kepompong mereka, terbang tanpa diri tanpa bentuk tanpa rupa, hilang luluh dalam lautan kasihNya yang tiada tepian, membias cahayaNya ke atas musafir-musafir yang kelelahan…

      semoga DIA dengan kasih dan sayangNya yang maha sempurna mengurniakan barakah dan rahmah yang melimpah ruah kepada tuan haji dan semua mereka yang sudi berkongsi ilmu dan pengalaman di blog tuan haji. Amin!

  4. zurina razali says:

    Salam my dear Sister In Islam,

    A wonderful blog with wonderful subjects. So true…we are all so bogged down with trying to achieve worldly matters (not that its wrong) that we have no time to stop and think the real purpose of us being created and living in this temporary world. At the end of the day, we return to HIM and what will save us is whether we have obeyed HIM? did we do good in this earth? Did we serve as his Khalifah on earth? By then, our riches, our mercedes or BMWs, our designer bags and shoes and our positions in the organizations or societies won’t matter. Thank you for reminding me.

    Your Long-time Friend

  5. ymrk says:

    i studied with prof abdul majeed mackeen long time ago.. and still remember his teachings.. once, when i came back to malaysia searching for him at IIUM… wonder if u knwo where he is now… ..

  6. whiteheart says:

    thanks for the reminders brother…. salam and continue your good works

  7. whiteheart says:

    thanks brother for your reminders. keep up the good works

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